1. I can’t believe I’m already one! I’m a big boy now.

    And happy birthday to my siblings, the Royal Seven - Cooper, Kate, Frodo, Edison, Charlie, and Korben!

  2. Doing some morning yoga.

  3. Crab hats are so hot right now.
    This awesome toy is from this month’s @BarkBox! Use discount code “Geordi” or click the link in my bio for 10% off.

  4. Geordi: Can a bro get some privacy here?!
    Winston: Get a room….
    Arya: This is my chance to escape!

  5. Demonstrating two different sploots while destroying this purple hippo. #HeHadItComing

  6. I heard that ladies like men in uniform…
    Big thank you to Winston’s grandma for making us these awesome sailor suits! And thank you @lucismorsels for the delicious cookies and party favors!

  7. Time to do some grocery shopping. #tbt #responsiblecorgi (at Ralph’s Fresh Fare)

  8. #dogsquish, inspired by @muttadventures.

    Tagged #dogsquish
  9. Have a great #tongueouttuesday everyone! Sadly I’m spending it wearing the dreaded cone of shame. :’(

  10. Stealing other dogs’ balls for no apparent reason. What a jerk.
    (at Rosie’s Dog Beach)