1. My reaction when I found out I didn’t make the cheerleading squad.
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  2. Happy #tongueouttuesday!

  3. Hey girl, wanna cuddle?

  4. I’m ready for my pedicure, human! #DemandingCorgi #HighMaintenance

  5. The first time we met Geordi. #tbt

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  6. Once in a while, I’m the little spoon.

  7. No Geordi, puppy eyes will not save you from this bath.

  8. Got stuck trying to roll over.

  9. Hello, I’m here for the job interview.

  10. Busy splooting.

    I accepted my brother @cooperdooper_rwc’s challenge! I now challenge @thefugee @emwng @bordernerd to post the most recent photo taken on your phone!